Tuesday, July 28, 2015



You told me to walk by faith, not by sight
And I thought I had the strongest faith
The faith that can move any mountain from my way
But where's that faith, that simple faith
That fetches an umbrella 'fore praying for rains
In the midst of a serious drought around?
And where's that faith, that logic less faith
That's ready to kill my only child
Got to me when I'm hundred years old
Looking at Your promise of an endless Seed?

You told me to keep my trust, always on You
And I thought I had the greatest trust
The trust that won't waver whatever befalls
But where's that trust, that complete trust
That walks into a giant with a sling and stones
Looking at Your promise of  a far away throne?
And where's that trust,  that innocent trust
That gives hand to my dad without any thought
To walk on a rope over roaring falls
'Cause if he dares for it, he'll keep me safe

You told me to love You and all around
And I thought I had the perfect love
The love that won't stumble whatever changes
But where's that love, that self less love
That stays back in the place where my spouse and sons
Were burned to death for their love towards You?
And where's that love, that undemanding love
That looks at the bodies of my ten lovely kids
And says to You that even if You slay me down
I will live for You all the more?

Jesus, Lord, I confess "I'm feeble"
I am the weakest of all weaklings
I seek Your face I need Your grace
To have a humble heart in me,
To have faith in You, simple and pure
To keep trust on You, complete and real
And to love You as You loved me...

Friday, May 29, 2015


Through the calmness and the storm
Through the darkness and the bliss
Through my tears and my cheers
Through it all, You lead me Lord. ..

Be my cries, not with voice
Or my wordless sorrows deep
E'n my thoughts far within
You see it all and count it all

All my fears and frailties
And my falls and falterings
Neatly covered or unmasked
None knows it, You know it all

For my blessings, love You Lord
For I know, they come from You
In my life and in this world
No real good apart from You

But I pray, I love You more
In the sorrows You allow
Which father has a child he loves
Whom he not chasten once?

Oh Father! You mend me so
Through the bits of pains I feel
And You turn them out to be
Greater good that I may see

Yet through it all, You walk with me
Your wounded hands hold me close
Your gentle voice stills my soul
Your loving heart grieves with me

So in the sunshine or the rains
Teach me Lord to love You more
And say to You with sincere heart
"Let Thy will be done ,not mine"

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Great Love of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...

A few lines which God gave me after He helped me recover from some moments of doubts... This would be my first English christian song, though I remember writing one English poem back in my high school...:)

As usual , I don't have an interesting tune for these words and the words are plain and simple...But if  at all anybody feels singing it , you can use the tune of " Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer"

Great love of God
Great love of God
That flowed down with His holy blood,
On Calvary, the cross of Grace
That saved me from my wretched state
Had He not been slain over there
What would have been my destiny?
That Son of God did die for me
Shows how much God loves me always...

Still I forget
Still I forget
Many moments that you're with me
Traps of this world, this wicked world
Plant doubts in me about your love
Then I worry for no reason
And doubt what your power can do
Oh Lord please give me the right mind
And lead me on Your way and will...

Jesus, You are my Lord
And my Savior
And forever will be
Nothing can thwart this bond with You
I say this because You are strong
In my weakness, your strength will reign
And in my troubles, You triumph
Oh How great and sweet God I have
The only name worthy of praise...

Saturday, January 25, 2014


“You don’t celebrate Christmas?! And you call yourself a Christian?” I felt amused at the bewilderment of my friend… By the way, she is not the first one who is taken aback from my ‘emotionlessness’ towards 25 December 
Something in this cold (for me!), night of Doha suggests me that I should explain this “unfair” emotionlessness of mine!

Do I have to celebrate the day of the human birth of my Lord and Savior? Should I really give a beginning date to the One “Who was and is and is to come” because He chose to confine Himself in a human body for me? When I don’t see even once in His words or the whole of New Testament or the age of the Apostles, an invitation to celebrate His birth as a festival, should I be motivated to do so? Should I celebrate His birthday when He Himself is not interested in it? Should I celebrate His birthday to conform to the vast majority around me or to be a part of a lot of cool traditions & fun going around??

Regarding the life of my Savior, ranked as the Son of God in that He is the exact replica of the Deity, as the fullness of God in man, is it His birth the foremost and the most important thing I should celebrate?
With all my heart I know, it’s not! He said the celebration/remembrance about Him is to be about His death… His cross… His crucifixion… His one and only one, and once for all atonement sacrifice for me and the whole of mankind…And that too, not on one special day- all the days of my life…

For that‘s the only thing which matters in my and your life eventually, that’s the sole basis of my (anyone’s) acceptance before God. My sin could never go unpunished before the Most Holy God, for if He is just, if He is Holy, He has to punish sin. But God in His mercy, made Him who knew no sin to be sin for me, that I might become the righteousness of God in Him; He suffered all that sin has to suffer on that cross, and made me- the real sinner, acceptable to God. Without this happening, without me trusting and believing in this, nothing could get me access to the Most Holy One.

Oh the world around me! If I have ever made you think that Christianity is all about beautiful Christmas trees & Easter eggs or pl(r)um cakes or wonderful gifts from Santa Claus or Carol songs or about getting to wear a beautiful gown for my wedding, I apologize! I tell you, the real Christianity is all about getting to believe the true story of the cross- The one on which my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ shed even the last drop of His blood, for you, and me in our stead. It’s all about believing in the atonement sacrifice done by Him who knew no sin, but was made to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Nevertheless, thanks to all who decided to mix up the practices of their past religions and make “Christianity” appear more colorful (and commercialized!) … You gave me one more chance to share the only profitable message for you and me in this world… The only message that is sufficient to transcend all times and cultures… The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ…The message of the cross, which is foolishness to those who are perishing, but the power of God to those who are being saved...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Song -3 ! Udanja En Hridaya Pathram...

This is a song which got inspired from the reminiscence of our experiences and circumstances which led us as a family to the wonderful saving grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

In other words, This song is a very compressed form of my testimony!

A few months back(To  be precise ,on Aug 6,2012 ), the vague memories of them came to my mind , somehow and those led me to these words...Praise be to my Lord, who can make anything totally new, by a simple and gentle touch.

Udanja en hridaya paathram
Cherthu nee thiru karathal
Thakarnna en jeevithathe
Puthiyathakki nin kanival

Aarumaarum thunayillathe
Aathmavil jnan kena neram
Kannuneer thudachu neekki
Kanmaniyam paithalakki                                                        
(Udanja en...
Poyi maranju nomparangal
Athinorma polum manju poyi
Nee thodunnathenthum naadha
Navyamayi theernnidunnu
(Udanja en...
Naal muzhuvan paadiyalum
Theerukilla nin prabhavam
Thedum nin mukha prakasham
En nishwaasam theeruvolam
(Udanja en...

Monday, February 6, 2012


“Temptation comes in many shapes!” If you think I am quoting a great Christian leader here or that this is a verse from the Bible, well, you are completely wrong...I found this statement in one of the Baskin Robbins outlet! Yea, even the world thinks there is temptation all around us in many forms and shapes and we can fall into it any time, just as the Bible says. But the huge difference between what the world thinks and the Bible thinks about this matter is that while the world considers falling into temptation or indulging in it is something smart and something which gives you pleasure, the Bible clearly says that if you are falling into it, you are sinning against God and you are just ignoring His authority over you. It is true that falling into temptations can, in many cases, give a momentary pleasure to your flesh, but the ultimate outcome would be something you, as a Christian, will have to regret.

So what exactly is temptation? Most of us think that it is a test brought into our life by God. Indeed, at times, God tests us and temptations happen in our lives with the knowledge and permission of God. However, it is not God, who brings temptations in the lives of His children. James says,” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He Himself tempt anyone.” (James 1:13). When we examine closely, in every temptation we can see a testing part as well as a tempting part. It is God who tests and Satan who tempts. God’s intention of this testing is to rejoice by seeing the genuineness of His child’s faith and love for Him; Satan’s intention is to make God’s child sin and go against the expectation of God.

Another interesting thing about temptation is that Satan plans and executes temptations so well that at the moment of facing a temptation, we will feel that everything around us (except the Holy Spirit within us) is whispering to us “Hey, falling into this is the best course of action you can take at this moment”. In other words, Satan makes everything favourable for us to fall into the temptation and there will not be many things, which will keep us from falling into it. See the temptation he gave Lord Jesus Himself (Luke 4). He tempted Jesus to turn the stone into bread, when Jesus was hungry after a fasting of forty days. In Job’s case, his wife herself told him, it is a foolishness not to sin at that moment. When Joseph was tempted by Satan, there was no chance that anyone of the people who knew him (his father/ brothers/relatives) would come to know if he sinned. There was none greater in the house than him; none of the men was inside the house at that moment and moreover, the master’s wife herself had taken the initiative. Can the situation become more favourable to sin?

This can be the way in which Satan approaches us too. You might be getting a bribe or a way to make illegal money when you are badly in need of money. You might be getting the offer of alcohol or drugs at a moment when you are mentally crushed. You might be getting an urge to put a fake experience on your resume at a point when you are totally exhausted trying to find a job as a fresher. You might be getting a very ‘good’ caring friend, who is an unbeliever (and most probably from the opposite sex), at a time when you feel quite lonely, being away from your family and friends. (And most often, this friend gets promoted till the spouse/life partner level and many a time, the wonderful justification we hear is “Through me, he/she will come to know Christ! “ I doubt, if even the Lord is aware of such a way of winning souls for Him!) How hard it will be to resist such a temptation or chance of a temptation being formed? You will never know till you endure it to the last point without giving in! And remember, there is nothing grey like falling into temptation a little or falling into it at last, it‘s purely black or white- either falling or not falling.

Satan exploits the weakness of our flesh to form temptations. He can use any weakness of our flesh like our hunger (Luke 4), physical weakness (Matt 26: 40), mental agony, fears in our heart (Matt 26:72), desires, lusts or love of the world (1 Timothy 6:9) to produce a temptation. James 1: 14-15 gives us a clear picture of how a temptation gets moulded. But does it mean that if we fall into temptation, the full blame is on Satan and the flesh? Not really! Right from the beginning of the Old Testament, we can see that God has always given us a free will to choose what we want –right or wrong. Getting a temptation is not a sin, but falling into it, definitely is...We can’t do much against getting a temptation (other than avoiding situations which can possibly give rise to temptations), but it’s us, who have to keep ourselves from falling into it!

So how do we guard ourselves from falling into temptation? 1. Jesus, the Lord Himself who overcame all the temptations as a man, says “Watch and pray” (Matt: 26:40). 2. Peter, who fell into temptation many times, but later repented, got restored and did wondrous works for God, tells us “Be sober (self-controlled), Be vigilant” (2 Pet: 5: 8). 3. Paul, who was a chosen vessel before God and who suffered a lot for His name’s sake, exhorts us, “Put on the whole armour of God” (Word of God, Salvation, Faith, Preparation of Gospel, Righteousness, Truth) (Eph 6:14-17)

For all of us who think we stand, let us take heed, lest we fall. And for all of us who think we’ve already fallen, now is the chance to repent and turn back to Him. God is always ready to give us a new beginning if we repent genuinely!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oru naalum...

Another song which God helped me to write...

This thought He gave me , during worship meeting yesterday ...

Who can completely understand God's love and the logic behind it???...This song is born from my astonishment in the Almighty's love for me...I am trying to depict here, the kind of love the Father , Son and Spirit showed and show towards me ...

May the name of the God , who loved me in such an incomprehensible way , in spite of all my frailties , be praised forever and ever...

The song goes like this...A draft audio is also attached below...

Oru naalum nin sneham

Poornamay kaanuvan

Aavillenikken daivame...

Nin mahatvam sampoornamay kolluvan

Kazhiyillee kaliman pathrathinu...

1. Akhilandamakave vakkal chamachavan

Karuthumo puzhuvaam marthyane?

Kaninjuvo nalkuvan avanay

Arumayam eka jathane thanne...!

2. Thettu cheythatho jnan , kuttamettathu nee

Utta snehathin pathramay jnan

Nalkiyo ninne thanneyenikkay

Lokaneethiykku vipareethamay...!

3. Dinam thorum ee lokapathe jnan charikkumpol

Karam thannu neeyenne nayicheedunnu

Nadathunno vakku marathavanayi nee

Veezhchakal kanakkidathe...!