Sunday, March 3, 2013

Song -3 ! Udanja En Hridaya Pathram...

This is a song which got inspired from the reminiscence of our experiences and circumstances which led us as a family to the wonderful saving grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

In other words, This song is a very compressed form of my testimony!

A few months back(To  be precise ,on Aug 6,2012 ), the vague memories of them came to my mind , somehow and those led me to these words...Praise be to my Lord, who can make anything totally new, by a simple and gentle touch.

Udanja en hridaya paathram
Cherthu nee thiru karathal
Thakarnna en jeevithathe
Puthiyathakki nin kanival

Aarumaarum thunayillathe
Aathmavil jnan kena neram
Kannuneer thudachu neekki
Kanmaniyam paithalakki                                                        
(Udanja en...
Poyi maranju nomparangal
Athinorma polum manju poyi
Nee thodunnathenthum naadha
Navyamayi theernnidunnu
(Udanja en...
Naal muzhuvan paadiyalum
Theerukilla nin prabhavam
Thedum nin mukha prakasham
En nishwaasam theeruvolam
(Udanja en...