Friday, May 29, 2015


Through the calmness and the storm
Through the darkness and the bliss
Through my tears and my cheers
Through it all, You lead me Lord. ..

Be my cries, not with voice
Or my wordless sorrows deep
E'n my thoughts far within
You see it all and count it all

All my fears and frailties
And my falls and falterings
Neatly covered or unmasked
None knows it, You know it all

For my blessings, love You Lord
For I know, they come from You
In my life and in this world
No real good apart from You

But I pray, I love You more
In the sorrows You allow
Which father has a child he loves
Whom he not chasten once?

Oh Father! You mend me so
Through the bits of pains I feel
And You turn them out to be
Greater good that I may see

Yet through it all, You walk with me
Your wounded hands hold me close
Your gentle voice stills my soul
Your loving heart grieves with me

So in the sunshine or the rains
Teach me Lord to love You more
And say to You with sincere heart
"Let Thy will be done ,not mine"