Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oru naalum...

Another song which God helped me to write...

This thought He gave me , during worship meeting yesterday ...

Who can completely understand God's love and the logic behind it???...This song is born from my astonishment in the Almighty's love for me...I am trying to depict here, the kind of love the Father , Son and Spirit showed and show towards me ...

May the name of the God , who loved me in such an incomprehensible way , in spite of all my frailties , be praised forever and ever...

The song goes like this...A draft audio is also attached below...

Oru naalum nin sneham

Poornamay kaanuvan

Aavillenikken daivame...

Nin mahatvam sampoornamay kolluvan

Kazhiyillee kaliman pathrathinu...

1. Akhilandamakave vakkal chamachavan

Karuthumo puzhuvaam marthyane?

Kaninjuvo nalkuvan avanay

Arumayam eka jathane thanne...!

2. Thettu cheythatho jnan , kuttamettathu nee

Utta snehathin pathramay jnan

Nalkiyo ninne thanneyenikkay

Lokaneethiykku vipareethamay...!

3. Dinam thorum ee lokapathe jnan charikkumpol

Karam thannu neeyenne nayicheedunnu

Nadathunno vakku marathavanayi nee

Veezhchakal kanakkidathe...!


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