Thursday, May 22, 2014

Great Love of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...

A few lines which God gave me after He helped me recover from some moments of doubts... This would be my first English christian song, though I remember writing one English poem back in my high school...:)

As usual , I don't have an interesting tune for these words and the words are plain and simple...But if  at all anybody feels singing it , you can use the tune of " Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayer"

Great love of God
Great love of God
That flowed down with His holy blood,
On Calvary, the cross of Grace
That saved me from my wretched state
Had He not been slain over there
What would have been my destiny?
That Son of God did die for me
Shows how much God loves me always...

Still I forget
Still I forget
Many moments that you're with me
Traps of this world, this wicked world
Plant doubts in me about your love
Then I worry for no reason
And doubt what your power can do
Oh Lord please give me the right mind
And lead me on Your way and will...

Jesus, You are my Lord
And my Savior
And forever will be
Nothing can thwart this bond with You
I say this because You are strong
In my weakness, your strength will reign
And in my troubles, You triumph
Oh How great and sweet God I have
The only name worthy of praise...

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