Tuesday, July 28, 2015



You told me to walk by faith, not by sight
And I thought I had the strongest faith
The faith that can move any mountain from my way
But where's that faith, that simple faith
That fetches an umbrella 'fore praying for rains
In the midst of a serious drought around?
And where's that faith, that logic less faith
That's ready to kill my only child
Got to me when I'm hundred years old
Looking at Your promise of an endless Seed?

You told me to keep my trust, always on You
And I thought I had the greatest trust
The trust that won't waver whatever befalls
But where's that trust, that complete trust
That walks into a giant with a sling and stones
Looking at Your promise of  a far away throne?
And where's that trust,  that innocent trust
That gives hand to my dad without any thought
To walk on a rope over roaring falls
'Cause if he dares for it, he'll keep me safe

You told me to love You and all around
And I thought I had the perfect love
The love that won't stumble whatever changes
But where's that love, that self less love
That stays back in the place where my spouse and sons
Were burned to death for their love towards You?
And where's that love, that undemanding love
That looks at the bodies of my ten lovely kids
And says to You that even if You slay me down
I will live for You all the more?

Jesus, Lord, I confess "I'm feeble"
I am the weakest of all weaklings
I seek Your face I need Your grace
To have a humble heart in me,
To have faith in You, simple and pure
To keep trust on You, complete and real
And to love You as You loved me...

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